1 /draI/ adjective comparative driersuperlative driest
1 NOT WET without water or liquid inside or on the surface: The floor was made of hard dry earth. | The paint isn't dry yet - be careful! | Can you check if the washing's dry? | shake/rub/wipe sth dry: Give it to me and I'll wipe it dry. | as dry as a bone (=very dry)
2 WEATHER having very little rain or moisture: The air was dry, and the sun beat down fiercely. | the dry season
3 run/go dry if a lake, river etc runs dry, all the water gradually disappears, especially because there has been no rain
4 HUMOUR someone with a dry sense of humour pretends to be serious when they are really joking
5 THIRSTY informal thirsty: I'm really dry - do you have any orange juice?
6 dry mouth/skin/lips etc without enough of the liquid that is normally in your mouth etc: I felt nervous and dizzy and my mouth was dry.
7 dry cough a cough which does not produce any phlegm (1)
8 SPEECH/WRITING boring: I found the lecture dry and uninspired. | as dry as dust (=very boring)
9 dry wine/sherry etc wine etc that is not sweet: dry white wine
10 dry bread bread eaten on its own without butter, jam 1 (1) etc
11 TOWN/COUNTRY not allowing any alcohol to be sold there: There are still some dry states in the US.
12 VOICE showing no emotion
13 not a dry eye in the house often humorous used to say that everyone was crying because something was very sad
—see also: drip­dry — dryly, drily adverb — dryness noun (U) 2 verb (I, T) to make something dry or become dry: My boots haven't dried yet. | dry sth: Sit up and dry your eyes. —see also: cut and dried, dried dry off phrasal verb (I, T) to become dry or make something dry, especially on the surface: It was lovely being able to swim and then dry off in the sun. | cry sth off: Put the washing near the fire to dry it off. dry out phrasal verb (I, T)
1 to become or make something completely dry after it has been very wet: dry sth out: Dry your anorak out on the radiator.
2 to stop drinking alcohol after you have become an alcoholic
dry up phrasal verb
1 RIVER/LAKE ETC (I, T) if something such as a river dries up, the water in it disappears: During the drought all the reservoirs dried up. | dry sth up: The sun has completely dried up the soil and the crops are dying.
2 SUPPLY OF STH (I) to come to an end and have no more available: The research is finishing because the money's dried up.
3 PLATES/DISHES ETC (I, T) to rub dry with a cloth: dry sth up: Would you mind drying up the supper things?
4 dry up! spoken used to angrily tell someone to be quiet, especially when they are complaining about something: Just dry up! I'm enjoying the film even if you're not!
5 STOP TALKING (I) to stop talking because you have forgotten what you were going to say or what you should say when speaking or acting

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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